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German University scientists examined the DNA strand break-down resulting from coffee in 84 healthy men. Previously, researchers had believed that regular coffee drinking decreased oxidative damage found in white blood cells.

Eighty-four healthy men consumed either 750 ml of fresh coffee brew or 750 ml of water daily for 4 weeks, following a washout phase of 4 weeks. The study coffee continued high levels of caffeoylquinic acids and the roast product N-methylpyridinium. Before and after the coffee/water consumption, researchers analyzed spontaneous DNA strand breaks. Both groups had near identical spontaneous DNA strand breaks prior to the study, however, in the testing phase, spontaneous DNA strand breaks slightly increased in the control (water only) group but decreased 27% in the coffee group.

Coffee and DNA Damage protectoin research conclusions

The researchers concluded: “The consumption of the study coffee substantially lowered the level of spontaneous DNA strand breaks in white blood cells,” the study authors write that: “We conclude that regular coffee consumption contributes to DNA integrity.”
Our conclusion, coffee protects your DNA and improves the aging process.

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Coffee may protect you from DNA Damage

Saleamp Design February 6th, 2015

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