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What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

57445896As we approach mid-life most people start to experience slow and subtle changes due to aging. These changes are called menopause in women and andropause in males. While many believe these symptoms (Symptoms of Low T) are a natural and unavoidable part of aging, advances in medicine are allowing us to live longer, and more importantly, live a better, happier, more active and fulfilling life as we age through Hormone Replacement Therapy. What is hormone therapy? Male Hormone Replacement Therapy, under a watchful physician’s eye, can balance hormones for those experiencing these symptoms. Our approach is personalized and convenient as almost everything happens in the privacy of your own home. Hormone Therapeutics not only tests your Total Testosterone level that everyone else is but your other hormones to get a larger picture of how your entire body is functioning. This includes both Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone, both estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, your PSA and thyroid hormones. All of your organs, glands and hormones inter-operate in a complex symbiotic system and without all of them functioning properly you will not feel right. Testosterone therapy for men is well known due to the heavy advertising we see on television and the radio. This type of hormone replacement therapy is excellent for many men, but often, a more customized rebalancing of prescribed hormone replacement therapy drugs is needed including estrogens, DHT, DHEA, HCG, and others as well as supplements, and fitness, exercise and sleep programs. Your Hormone Therapeutics physician will work with you by reviewing your physical exam, medical history, symptoms, and blood tests and make a diagnosis based on your specific circumstances. Find a hormone replacement clinic near you and your physician may prescribe testosterone therapy or a full regimen of other hormones to bring you back into balance.

How Does It Start?

  • Contact us today to set up a consultation
  • Fill out your medical history form
  • Phone consultation
  • Obtain a local standard physical exam with the physician of your choice to ensure symptoms
  • Blood test scheduled your patient coordinator. Either a mailed at-home test or local lab we can identify.
  • Physician diagnosis and therapy determination
  • Prescriptions mailed
  • Ongoing evaluations, consultations and testing

Order Hormone Replacement Therapy or Testosterone Therapy Online

Once your physician has prescribed your testosterone you can go ahead and order testosterone online. Your Hormone Therapeutics individualized treatment plan may include a combination of creams, gels, injections, supplements, nutrition programs, fitness programs, sleep programs and further testing, calibrating and consultations.

Program Fees

The initial consultation and discussion is free. LabCorp, or any lab testing company will bill you or your insurance directly for your labs. There is am initial $150 setup free once you agree to start the program we outline. The typical ongoing monthly therapy for Testosterone Treatment will cost $250 per month or $199 for a 20% discount when paying for 6 months at a time (we see this pricing for 90-95% of our patients). You can stop at anytime and the only responsibility it to pay for the duration of the shipments you receive. You can stop future shipments at any time by telling us. Just click “Contact a Physician” below and schedule your first consultation or to learn more and start the process to order testosterone online. CONTACT A PHYSICIAN TO GET STARTED
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