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Each Hormone Therapeutics patient’s story is unique, but the essential elements are the same: They feel better, look better and perform better across all the areas of their life.

Our patients have seen improvements in their health and the quality of their life as they age with the guidance of the staff at Hormone Therapeutics. Our approach leads to a decrease in age related health issues, increased energy and physical performance, returned sexual vitality, decreased body fat, increased muscle tone, decreased fatigue, improved sleep, sharper mental processing and an improved image and attitude resulting from feeling as good as they used to.

See some of the unique comments below shared by people that have been helped to get their life back with Hormone Therapeutics.

Casey, DC

Your program has allowed my wife and me to become closer than we have in years. I thought my ED pills allowed us to have the intimacy we needed but the testosterone replenishing program has me desiring my wife like we are in our 20s again. We have never been happier.*

Kenny, Chicago

I did not realize how grumpy and irritable I had become as I become more and more comfortable spending time in my arm chair watching sports center. My wife and I are cycling together again and this new energy has taken the edge out of my life.*

Jerry, Dallas

I lost three inches off of my waist line and regained muscle tone I did not realize I had lost. I feel and look the best I have in years.*

Tom, LA

I needed a nap every afternoon for the past few years to get through the day. Now those naps are a luxury I no longer require.*

Mike, NY

My boss has noticed a big difference in my performance and output and my co-workers have noticed how much easier I am to work with. I am enjoying work again and feel more productive than I have in years.*

Steve, FL

I just got back from a Christmas holiday with my 4 and 6 year old grandkids and for the first time I was able to keep up with them without getting worn out.


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