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IM Injections

Intramuscular Testosterone injections, or IM testosterone injections, have always been the most popular delivery method.  The biggest reason why IM testosterone injections was the most popular is because this is how physicians prefer to administer it when you reach their office as it will last the longest in your system.  Testosterone injection are most effective at seeing returned energy, weight loss, muscle gain, returned libido, clearer thought and a happier outlook.

Testosterone Injections v. Testosterone Creams or Testosterone Gels

Testosterone creams and gels have recently passed injections as the most popular method because of the mass market activity by the producers of Androgel and Axiron.  Most patients, however, are not as happy with the results of the gels and creams as they are with injections as we frequently see in our Customer Sat surveys across the 24 symptoms of low testosterone.  Yes, it is easier, however the transdermal creams do not seem to work as well.  These gels are only 1.67% testosterone, therefore, they require handfuls of product to be wiped onto their body to be effective.  Applying testosterone gels put your wives and daughters at risk of transferring the product and effecting them when you hug them or brush against them.   While the Big Pharma gels are considered pretty ineffective, we are able to prepare a 20-30% testosterone cream, rather than a 1.67% testosterone gel, to apply to a smaller area of the body and put those around you at less risk of transference.Physicians prescribing Testosterone Injections has been growing dramatically.  Younger and more advanced physicians better understand the benefits of normalizing, balancing and optimizing the endocrine system to improve all the symptoms of Low T but also for patients to live a healthier life.  The most common way physicians supplement testosterone in the body has always been injections before the recent rise in creams and gels. While many patients hate injections and prefer creams (OK, who enjoys it injections?!) we find most patients prefer the results of testosterone delivered in an injection form and they have higher satisfaction results in our patient self evaluation surveys.

Testosterone by Mail

If our physician prescribes you testosterone we will mail you a complete injection kit direct to yo ueach month. No weekly office visits as we  teach you to self-administer injections on your schedule, at your convenience and wherever you want.  We will ensure regular blood tests and self evaluation to manage your treatment program and change it whenever necessary.   We can provide Intramuscular Injections (IM) or Subcutaneous Injections (Sub q or SQ) depending on how frequently you want to administer and how comfortable you are with injections in the different areas of the body. Our staff will help walk you through the options as well as your first couple of injections.

 IM Testosterone injections

Intramuscular Testosterone Injections or IM Injections

Testosterone has traditionally been delivered through Intramuscular testosterone injections.  Most commonly in the glute or the upper outside quadrant of your buttocks by the hip.  This will require a larger and longer needle to drive deeper into the muscle.  The body building crowd will only use IM testosterone injections because the delivery into the muscle allows it to last longer in your system.  We will work with you to find the right delivery method and types of testosterone for you.You can order testosterone injections online if you go through the complete medical process. Start by contacting us today to set up your first consultation, then fill out your medical history and symptoms, patient consent form, get a local physical exam using our paperwork and we can arrange for your blood test close to you or we can send a blood test kit directly to your home or office. Once your physician develops your diagnosis and prescription and overall treatment plan you will receive your prescription in the mail from a certified US compounding pharmacy.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections or Subq Injections

Subq injections are the easiest to self adminster and this twice a week method also maintains the flatest testosterone levels with fewer peaks and troughs.  As a result, we have more patients on subq injections than we do on IM testosterone injections.  Subq injections go into the layer of fat on your thigh or side of the stomach.  Subq injections use a smaller gauge needles and are easier to self administer than into the glute/hip.Learn more about Subq Testosterone Injections here.

Types of Testosterone

We typically prescribe Testosterone Cypionate with grapeseed oil due to the viscosity and esters but we have many patients that have found better results on Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate.  We also use different base oils for the suspension.  While we typically lean towards grapeseed we also use sesame and cottonseed.We believe in balancing the overall hormones of a person. In addition to testosterone your prescriptions may include: Estrogen, Estrogen blockers, HGH, HCG, Sermorelin, Thyroid, DHEA, Progesterone, Cortisol, Aldrosterone, Prognenolone as well as fitness, nutrition and sleep recommendations.Click here to review the symptoms that might lead to a diagnosis for Testosterone Therapy or Hormone Replacement Therapy.Contact us today and learn about our process and set up your first consultation.
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