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Our Approach

image-17Millions of Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of their life as they grow older and seek the energy, drive and performance they did when they were younger.  Over 88% of all men who suffer from Low T might notice the changes but have never been diagnosed or treated. Of the 12% that have, many are dissatisfied with physicians who are not experts in Low-T treatment and require weekly or even twice monthly office visits for shots or the one size fits all gels and creams that have such a low dosage they barely move the needle and seek a better Low-T approach.  Some physicians even prescribe the exact same dosage and put all patients on estrogen blocking pills or HCG whether they need them or not?!

Our physicians are ready to treat you anywhere in the entire country and Hormone Therapeutics is pioneering an easier, cost efficient and more private way for you to work with our clinical advisors and physicians from the privacy of your home or office.  We also design a program around your unique physiology through testing and more importantly your self evaluations informing how you feel!

Hormone Therapeutics believes in prescribing bio-identical hormones that replicate the natural hormones in your body.  We also believe in prescribing specifically for you and your medical condition and avoid using big pharma company gels and creams, like Androgel or Axiron, that the FDA requires to be a one size fits all low dosage to serve everyone from people with hypothalamus or pituitary issues, to 40 year old men with low sex drives to 80 year old grandfathers who seek more energy throughout the day.  We also believe in taking a comprehensive look at your medical history, stimuli, complete blood panel, diet, exercise and sleep patterns to develop a complete program to get you feeling normal again.

Balance is frequently discussed as being one of the keys to life and this is also true with your body.  Some competitors focus on pumping their clients up with testosterone while we look at your overall hormone health.  Low testosterone levels may also require a balancing of your estrogens, dihydrotestosterone, DHEA, or thyroid.  There are also many lifestyle impacts from exercise to diet and sleep that we will also help you optimize your well-being.  We treat each individual based on their symptoms and condition and utilize a variety of methods including creams, gels, injections and sublingual.  Click here to find out more about our treatment options.

Whether you are suffering from age related andropause or physical issues in your testicles, hypothalamus or pituitary glands, we can identify your issues and prescribe and mail you Hormones and Testosterone specifically for you.  Are you feeling some of the symptoms of Low T like fatigue, irritability or low sex drive?  Click here to learn more about the symptoms of Low T.

Our Low T treatment approach :


Follow these simple steps to contact and work with Hormone Therapeutic’s advisors and physicians to get your life back today.

  • Step 1: Contact us and talk to one of our Patient Clinical Advisors
  • Step 2: Take Low T quiz/Fill out your medical history forms (Low T Quiz and Medical Forms)
  • Step 3: Home or local lab blood test 
  • Step 4: Physician reviews and prescribes your treatment
  • Step 5: Prescriptions mailed to your home ($199/month)

Contact us today and our clinical advisors will work with you on a program that may include prescribed hormones, exercise, nutrition and sleep programs to reclaim your vitality.

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