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Hormone Balance

sb10063600fb-001Do you feel the same today that you did when you felt your best? Are you accepting these changes as a normal part of aging, increasing stresses, poor diet or a decline in your fitness? It is typical to experience a change in your hormonal balance as you age while your body reacts to both internal and external factors. As your hormones become imbalanced the resulting symptoms can negatively impact your life, often very significantly. Once one hormone becomes imbalanced you can often expect other hormones to be affected and increase your overall imbalance and a slow downward spiral in your quality of life that we often excuse as ‘aging’. You might feel tired, or sapped of your energy, but unable to get restful sleep to replenish yourself. You may have night sweat or experience hot flashes. You libido and interest, or desire, in sex may be infrequent and often missing. While you can reduce hormonal imbalances with proper sleep, diet, exercise and avoidance of stress (but let’s be realistic), however, you cannot stop the body’s natural process causing your hormones to decline and become imbalanced. This male menopause process is called andropause. While you cannot stop these hormone declines and fluctuations you can find relief through testosterone therapy and hormone replacement therapies to restore your proper hormone balance.

Hormone Balancing Benefits

Balancing your hormones can allow you to feel in a balanced state and like a younger person. Not only will you feel more similarly to how you did when you were younger but you will regain energy and eliminate the emotional fluctuations you might have experienced as you started to age. As you gain energy to exercise your body will react more positively to it as you did when you were younger by gaining more muscle mass and losing excess fat. A body with balanced hormones should see increased benefits from exercise, a nutritional diet and effective sleep as your body is better able to process these healthy inputs and even reduce the need for unhealthy ones. Your hormones are the chemical communicators working throughout your body so balancing them is a critical step to achieving your optimal health. Maintaining balanced hormones is important to effective functioning of many key organs and play to role of telling each other when they are under, over or properly productive. A decline in one hormone, or functional issue in one organ, will often cause a reflexive reaction in one or more hormones or organs. By keeping an imbalanced hormone in balance, it allows your other organs and hormones to function properly and not cause them to spike or send other hormones spiraling as a result.

Achieving Hormone Balance

What is the right balance for me? What is my optimal balance and what were they when I felt my best? Contact Hormone Therapeutics today and we will set you up for immediate testing and review by your own expert physician. Get a standard exam from a local physician of your test and then we will set up a blood test and interview at your convenience to discover your current hormone levels and assess the symptoms caused by any imbalances. Depending on the results, your physician may prescribe a combination of testosterone therapy, hormone replacement therapy, nutrition guidance and fitness programs to help you achieve your natural hormone balance and feel your best . . . better than you remember feeling in years. Are your hormones out of balance? Do you want to find out? Just click “Contact a Physician” below and schedule your first consultation or to learn more. CONTACT A PHYSICIAN TO GET STARTED
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