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About Us


Hormone Therapeutics is the leading national company assisting men who want to get their lives back through Hormone Replacement and Testosterone Replacement therapy. Our local physicians are ready to treat you anywhere in the entire country. Hormone Therapeutics is pioneering an easier, cost efficient and more private way for you to work with our clinical advisors and physicians from the privacy of your home or office after your local physical exam confirms you have one of the symptoms of Low T.

Hormone Therapeutics knows there are many symptoms of aging that reduce the quality of your life. Your physician will work to diagnose and treat your specific issues with an individualized program to replenish your testosterone or rebalance a number of different hormones including estrogen, DHT, and DHEA depending on your unique circumstances.

The Hormone Therapeutics team has been brought together with a combination of experienced healthcare executives and licensed physicians in each state who are experts in Anti-Aging solutions, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Therapy. Our physicians are part of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.


Follow these simple steps to contact and work with Hormone Therapeutic’s advisors and physicians to get your life back today.

  • Fill out our form to set up a consultation. Our wellness coordinator will walk you through our program, set up next steps and answer any questions.
  • Take a physical exam with a local physician.
  • We schedule a local blood exam for you or mail you a home blood test kit
  • Complete a medical history form.
  • The physician reviews your complete set of information and will diagnose and prescribe an appropriate treatment program for you.
  • Receive an overnight package with your prescriptions
  • We will follow-up and schedule additional blood testing and consultations as needed to ensure effective treatment.
  • We are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life because we do not believe you need to let the traditional symptoms of aging slow you down. Under the guidance of your own physician and medical team you can start your path to a more active, happier and vibrant life by contacting us today!

Contact us today and our clinical advisors will work with you on a program that may include prescribed hormones, exercise, nutrition and sleep programs to reclaim your vitality.

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