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What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is primarily associated with females but plays a very important role for men, particularly as they age. Younger men have high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogens (there are more than one). When men age, their ability to produce testosterone decreases leading to lower T levels and at the same time their estrogen levels start increasing. Elevated estrogen levels have been found to be linked to prostate cancer, heart disease and gynecomastia or enlarged breasts. During andropause these two hormones have a symbiotic relationship where testosterones decline encourages the production of more estrogen. Men in this phase can experience weight gain, loss of muscle, low libido, erectile dysfunction and fatigue.

Male Estrogen

Aromatase is a compound found typically in fat cells around the mid-section and causes testosterone to convert to estrogen for men undergoing andropause. Heavier men are more prone to create larger amounts of estrogen as a result of these effects. We will specifically test to understand if your Low T issues are a result of increased estrogen from aromatase.

Following your Hormone Therapeutics testing, your physician may look to balance a number of your hormones and control your testosterone to estrogen conversion. Balancing all of these hormones is the key to treating high estrogen. Since high body fat generates more aromatase, your physician will likely recommend proper nutrition, fitness and supplements, reduced alcohol consumption, and increased intake of flaxseed and vitamin B. Herbs or prescription medicines may also be suggested such as Chrysin or Arimidex.

Hormone Therapeutics has a number of options to help get your estrogen levels under control. Just click “Contact a Consultant” below and schedule your first consultation or to learn more.

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