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Testosterone Therapy in Alabama

Hormone Therapeutics treats men with Low T across Alabama. Our Testosterone therapy treatment, HRT (hormone replacement therapy and balancing programs), HCG, and other supplements can help you live a more active life and feel the way you did when you felt your best. Our Alabama physicians will diagnose your symptoms of Low T and prescribe a complete solution and a testosterone therapy in Alabama cities including Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Hoover, Dolthan, Auburn, Decatur, Madison and Florence.How do you feel? Fatigued? Loss of energy, and muscle while gaining weight and forgetting things more frequently? Getting more irritable? We can help!Testosterone Therapy in Alabama

Get your life back through Testosterone therapy in Alabama

Call us now or leave your name, phone and email in the form to the right to speak with one of our patient clinical advisers. Your personal adviser will discuss and walk you through the program. We will set up your blood testing while also recording your symptoms and complete medical history. Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Anti-Aging specialist physicians can then diagnose and prescribe a treatment solution to solve for your unique medical situation. All treatments will be mailed directly to you avoiding inconvenient weekly office visits for injections. For $199 per month your treatment will include:
  • $199 per Month for Treatment
  • All Blood Testing (2-3 times per year)
  • Physician Consultation
  • All Medications, Shipping, Supplies and Treatments
  • Ongoing Consultations

Best testosterone physicians in Alabama!

General or Family practice physician typically only test your Total Testosterone level (maybe your Free Testosterone levels too but stop there) and then prescribe a pharmaceutical solution from one of the ‘pharma’ giants that is intended to be a one size fits all product that really do not work well. Big pharma testosterone gels typically contain 1.67% testosterone which then requires excessive amounts of product to be applied under your arms or to your back. Our Anti-Aging specialist reviews your specific set of details and our preferred method of treatment would be a compounded solution specifically for you. We can do this because our expert Anti-Aging specialist will be looking at a more comprehensive test results than simply your total testosterone level. This allows the physician to consider higher dosages of testosterone, estrogen blockers like anastrozole, HCG and other options depending on what is diagnosed as happening within your body from our comprehensive testing and our hormone balancing experts.Hormone Therapeutics treats men with Low T through testosterone and hormone programs are available across Alabama in cities including: Improve your Power, Productivity and Performance through testosterone replacement therapy to reverse your symptoms of Low T anywhere in the state of Alabama.Contact us today to find out how.
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