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Hormone Therapeutics #49 truck, driven by Timmy Hill, survived a testosterone filled weekend in Daytona.  The Daytona 500 had its closest finish in history, with Denny Hamlin beating Martin Truex by .010 seconds, or just four inches.  The NASCAR Camping World Truck race was even more exciting with a nine vehicles final lap accident and Christopher Bell’s #4 flipping six times.  Hormone Therapeutics truck got caught in the wash on the last lap, fish tailed into the wall, ending a sure top 5 finish dropping to 14th.

Driver Timmy Hills footage of Race Weekend in Daytona

Driver Timmy Hill says, “I knew I would have an outside chance to win this race so I tried to get all I could get when we took the green. As we made our way around the track and took the white flag I began to see the 2 lead trucks get together and start to spin. I maneuvered to the apron to miss the wreck but at the very last moment another truck drove into me from behind, spinning me into the wall to end our shot at a top 5 finish.” 

Hormone Therapeutics President, Hunter Howard said, “What an exciting race and Timmy Hill put us right there where we wanted to be.  We were in the top five, on the last lap of the race, with a chance to take the checkered flag.  The team really put the testosterone under the hood of that truck and we were in position to win it before Bell’s unfortunate accident.”   President, Hunter Howard also said, “Hormone Therapeutics is excited to help NASCAR fans put testosterone under their hoods and help them live healthier, happier and more energetic lives.”

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About Hormone Therapeutics:

Hormone Therapeutics (www.hormonetherapeutics.com) is the first National Testosterone Replacement Therapy provider helping patients live happier, healthier and more energetic lives as they age anywhere in the US.  With over 3,000 blood testing locations, and physicians in every state, we provide consultations in the privacy and convenience of our patient’s homes.  We have over 3,000 testing facilities nationwide!   We are available to patients anywhere for $199 per month.  Low testosterone is affecting over 12 million males today who are not receiving world-class specialist physician guidance we offer. 

Hormone Therapeutics President, Hunter Howard said, “NASCAR offers the perfect place to connect with men in their 40s and 50s who know they don’t feel right.  In less than 100 years, the average life span grew from 48 to 78.  The endocrine system has not kept up with this rapid advance and depleted hormones are causing issues like fatigue, irritability, weight gain, loss of interest in intimacy as well as increases in heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer.  We are helping men across the country live happier, more energetic and healthier lives through our program.”

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Hormone Therapeutics puts Testosterone ‘Under the Hood’ of the #49 NASCAR Truck in Daytona

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