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This is the fourth and last part of our comprehensive list of:

99 Simple Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

  1. Onion Love

Munching onions is one of the best natural ways to increase testosterone level. Studies have shown that a high concentration of onions in certain lab animals actually as much as tripled their testosterone levels. And they’re versatile, voluminous and delicious too.

  1. Super Selenium Works

Brazil nuts anyone? Easy to manage with any diet regimen (just a few brazils, macadamias or walnuts will suffice), a good selenium addition is one of the excellent natural ways to increase testosterone level.

  1. Find a Healthy Omega-3 to Omega-6 Balance

An optimal 1:1 balance may be dicult to manage but if you just cut out any and all vegetable, canola, sunflower and soybean oil from your cooking, and use butter and/or olive oil instead, you’ll go a long way to finding the proper balance and boosting your testosterone too.

  1. increase-testosterone10Don’t Go Cheap on Your Salt

As one of the most essential, everyday food additives, do not settle for cheap, refined table salt that may contain harmful fluoride due to its manufacturing process. Unrefined sea salt and/or Himalayan salt are very, very worthwhile investments.

  1. Give It a Rest

Yes, more sex is better than less, but frequent self-pleasure may actually lead to a decrease in your testosterone levels. Try to manage and mix in a 1-2 Days Hands O­ Abstinence Program to give your testes time to refresh and reload.

  1. Get Your Citrus

Get as much citrus fruit as you can as they’re a fantastic metabolism booster and adds the proper alkaline to your body that leads to a healthy testosterone increase.

  1. Add Vitamin A Plus

Like vitamin K2 (see #75) vitamin A is an important, fat soluble nutrient that is among the natural ways to increase testosterone level. So don’t forget your dark leafy greens, fish, liver and carrots and tropical fruits.

  1. Add Vitamin E for Easy

Easy vitamin E promotes volume and motility of your sperm levels as well as being highly beneficial to your hair and skin. Low levels of E, conversely, can lead to increased estrogen.

  1. Add Ashwagandha as a Super Supplement

Also known as “Indian ginseng” this plant is renowned for its natural hemoglobin producing properties as well as for being a powerful natural testosterone booster. Read your labels and purchase only organic.

  1. Shilijat Straight from the Himalayas

Although it may be dicult to locate this supplement, your body will be glad you did. Taken as a regular supplement (usually in a tea drink in powder form) Shilajat is rich in fulvic acids, a testosterone firecracker of nutrients.

  1. Add Avena Sativa

Another “Natural Viagra”, avena sativa is rich in zinc, manganese and iron and is often prescribed as natural erectile enhancement with no harmful side e­ffects. It’s even often used as a “sexual stimulant” for women!

  1. Get Spot

Bring a friend when you hit those weights! A spotter is not only a good safety practice for strength training, it can increase your testosterone levels too. Having a buddy there to help you bust past your max will give you a testosterone boost, and so will knowing someone is there watching. It’s an ego thing.

  1. Right Carbs, Right Time

Carbohydrates are an important macronutrient, but they’re also one of the biggest contributors to body fat and lowered testosterone. Get the benefits without the pudge by eating the majority of your daily carbs immediately before and after your workout. That’s when you have the highest anabolic potential, so your body will burn them best.

  1. Work the biggest muscle

Your biggest muscles are in your legs, and the way to work them is with squats. This is an amazing compound exercise that works all sorts of muscles at once, and the eff­ort and exertion required will increase testosterone. Keep on squatting!

  1. Say it with me: ZMA

Zinc is an extremely important factor in maintaining your Testosterone levels (that’s why the oysters!), but it’s not the only one. ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 – nutrients that are natural ways to boost testosterone level. It’s a super handy supplement stack to take right before bed. You’ll get better sleep and you’ll produce more testosterone while you’re at it.

  1. increase testosteroneSnack on Some Sushi

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish have a ton of health benefits, not least of which is increased testosterone production in men. Salmon is one of the absolute best sources of these aminos, but just about any fish will do. Fish oil supplements can do wonders if you’re not a fan of seafood.

  1. But Keep It Fresh

Although fish is fantastic for your health, go easy on the canned tuna. Canned tuna, especially albacore, has notably higher levels of mercury than other seafood. Mercury is just plain bad for you, and among other things will impact your testosterone. You don’t have to cut out the tuna salad sandwiches entirely, but don’t make it your only source of fish.

  1. Get Zen

You might think meditation is some hippy-dippy nonsense that’s just for spacey dudes who should eat a sandwich, but it’s actually an awesome way to lower stress. Lower stress means increased testosterone levels, so it’s something every man should consider. Give it an honest shot and you might be surprised!

  1. Hooray for Forskolin

Studies have shown this herbal supplement is e­ffective in boosting testosterone levels when taken over an extended period of time. Men who take it report that their overall mood and energy level improves, and it’s just a great thing. Give it a try and integrate it into your supplement regimen. Just remember it

  1. Dodge the Trans Fats

Trans fats are found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. They’re just plain bad for you! They’ll lower your testosterone production and it can bring on a host of other health problems. Sadly, it’s mostly found in deep fried, processed and frozen foods. Those can be pretty addictive, but show some control and stick to fresh or organic.

  1. Olive Oil!

Premade bottled salad dressings are usually pretty bad for you. They’re filled with all kinds of chemical garbage, and there’s just no need for them! One of the best natural ways to increase testosterone, boost is to use healthy olive oil instead. Just pour a little on your salad, and follow it up with some sweet Balsamic vinegar. For extra credit, add garlic or other healthy herbs!

  1. Go for the Gold with Olympic Lifts

The two classic Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk, are supremely difficult and supremely effective at training your body. Don’t overdo your workouts, but once in a while give these two mainstays a try. You will hurt, guaranteed. But it’s a good hurt, and it’ll spur your testosterone levels.

  1. Complete Failure, It Really Is

Once again, don’t overdo your workouts! Although it’s tempting to push yourself to total muscle failure when you literally cannot hold up the weight any longer, you’re doing more harm than good. It’s fine every so often as a tool to find your maximum lift, but do not make it a regular part of your workout regimen. You’ll just over train!

  1. increase testosteroneGet Help

There’s no shame in seeing a therapist or counselor, and it can improve your body as well as your mind. Even mild depression will increase cortisol and lower testosterone levels. Getting past it with the aid of a professional is the best way to feel better, and you might be surprised at just how much better you feel once your body chemistry catches up.


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99 Simple Naturals Ways to Increase Testosterone – Part 4

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