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What should I expect when starting a testosterone program? What is the time for testosterone to work and show effects? There is no precise answer. Every patient is different, their metabolism are different, their Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone levels are different, their baselines are different, their symptoms are different and their variables and influences are different. Testosterone replacement therapy is not a magic pill that changes your life overnight so make sure to temper and calibrate your expectations through education to avoid disappointment.   Researchers have assessed TRT studies to understand how long it takes for the testosterone therapy to reach different symptoms of Low T.

Findings on the time for testosterone to work:

Here is a baseline of timing expectations for the effect of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

  • Erections and Ejaculations can reoccur quickly but may often require up to 6 months
  • Libido and Sexual Interest are stimulated within 3 weeks and reach a steady state at 6 weeks
  • Weight/Fat loss and muscle gain will occur within 3-4 months and are effected by diet and exercise.
  • Bone strength appreciation is noticeable after 6 months and will continue for three years
  • Inflammation counter balancing take 1-3 months
  • Quality of life and satisfaction improve within the first month but continue to increase and maximum benefits will take longer
  • Depressive mood effects appear after 3-6 weeks achieving top benefits after 18-30 weeks
  • Erythropoiesis (red blood cell increases) emerges after 3 months and are fully manifested after 9-12 months
  • Insulin sensitivity apepars quickly while glycemic control occurs over 3-12 months
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), values rise slowly. Their initial introduction would plateau within a year but can grow over time due to aging.
  • Lipid effects occur after 4 weeks and top out after 6-12 months

How long does testosterone take to show effects?

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