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Men lose approximately one percent of their testosterone level per year starting in their late teens which starts to become noticeable in their 30s and 40s. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a solution when the symptoms of low testosterone in males start affecting one’s life; however, there are a number of natural ways for men to enhance their testosterone levels that are safe, effective and recommended for men of any age. Natural low testosterone treatment can be substituted for TRT or used in parallel to testosterone therapy. Some physicians even theorize that raising testosterone levels naturally in one’s 20s by using natural low testosterone treatment methods can help one maintain higher levels later in life.

1. Lose Excess Weight

Carrying excess body fat elevates estrogen levels, which can cause your testosterone levels to sink. As your testosterone levels naturally decrease being overweight can expedite becoming estrogen dominant. A couple of extra pounds does not affect your hormone balance, but there is a noticeable impact for people 30 percent over their ideal body weight. If you fall into the latter category it would be wise to begin a healthy workout routine and employ a type of hormone replacement therapy that you feel comfortable with.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet



Men who want to get in shape will often starve themselves while exercising strenuously. This stops working in your 30s, when testosterone levels are dropping, because cutting your calorie intake by more than 15 percent makes your brain think you’re starving. Your brain, then shuts down testosterone production and other hormone production to save energy for your starving body. It is preparing the body to survive starvation as it is no longer concerned with reproduction.

3. Have Morning Sex

Scientists found that having an erection causes circulating testosterone to rise significantly. A morning erection will also accelerate the natural post-dawn testosterone surge. Morning sex also does not hurt getting the heart rate going in the morning which helps burn fat.

4. Focus on Anaerobic Exercises

To increase testosterone levels, focus your workout on “compound” weight-lifting exercises, training several large muscle groups, and not just one or two smaller muscles. Studies show that bench pressing, squats, or back rows increase testosterone more than doing biceps curls or triceps pushdowns. Frequent anaerobic exercises may reduce the risk of symptoms of low testosterone in males.

5. Snack on Nuts

Men with diets rich in monounsaturated fat have been shown to have higher testosterone levels. Nuts, olive oil, canola oil and peanut butter are good sources of monounsaturated fat.

6. Use Higher Weights and Fewer Reps

Use weights heavy enough that you can only lift them five times, which should be about 85 percent of your one-repetition maximum. Scientists from Finland found that this method produced the greatest testosterone boost and can work as a natural low testosterone treatment.

7. Allow your Body to Rest

By overtraining and not allowing the body to recuperate your circulation of testosterone levels can plunge by as much as 40 percent. Over training can also cause irritability, insomnia and muscle shrinkage. Sleep eight hours at night, and rotate exercises to not stress the same muscles for consecutive days.

8. Drink Responsibly

Alcohol affects the endocrine system, causing your testes to stop producing the male hormone, which lead to the need for low testosterone therapy. Binge drinking, in particular, will kill testosterone levels.

9. Snack

The body needs a continual supply of calories to make testosterone, so skipping meals or going for long stretches without eating can cause your testosterone levels to drop. Healthy snacking is another great natural low testosterone treatment.

10. Do Not Avoid Fat

Eat a diet that includes about 30 percent fat. Your body needs dietary fat to produce testosterone, so eating like a vegetarian, non-fat diet will cause a drop in testosterone levels.

11. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleeping less than seven to eight hours a night hurts your circadian rhythm. Your testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning after a good night’s rest.

11 Natural Ways to Combat Low Testosterone Levels

Hormone Therapeutics June 16th, 2014

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