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Sexual desire typically increases with testosterone therapy as sexual dreams and both morning erections and evening erections return and increase in frequency and volume to alleviate erectile dysfunction. For some, testosterone therapy alone do not increase the erection strength or duration of the erections as much as desired. There are additional options for men needing additional help to satisfy their ability to perform with alongside their increased sex drive.

Is your physician an expert in this area and satisfying all of your needs for sexual desire and function? We speak to many patients who like their physicians, but these docs do not have the expertise to help them in this area. It is unusual for all physicians to be experts in all areas. Contact Hormone Therapeutics to speak to a specialized ED physician who can help you through TRT or ED supplementation.

The following is a typical protocol to assess different treatment options for an individual with erectile dysfunction issues. Start with assessing your hormone levels and considering testosterone therapy and then adjusting prescriptions and dosages to calibrate testing and symptoms improvements. If the issues persist, check if Total Testosterone level are between 500-1200 ng/dl, then check the estradiol and prolactin levels to ensure testosterone supplementation is not converting to estradiol by the aromatase enzyme causing sexual dysfunction. TSH and Thyroid tests are next to look inside your body for causes.

In addition to testosterone supplementation and hormone testing, your physician should also assess erectile dysfunction causes related to poor sleep, infections, blood pressure medications, alcohol, smoking, medications, depression and sexual desire for your partner.

What are PD-5 Inhibitors?

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PD-5) medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can be used to improve ED issues with or without TRT. While using PD-5s can work on their own, this solution is seen by most physicians as a temporary band-aid where Testosterone Therapy fixes the underlying and more of the problems. Not everyone responds well to these pills which can have side effects including: headaches, nasal congestion, flushing, gut problems and back pain. Cialis lasts the longest (36 versus 4 hours for Viagra or Levitra) as do its side effects.

Viagra (Sildenafil) was introduced in 1998. 50 mg (25 to 100 mg) pills are taken an hour before needed and he effects last for approximately four hours. Levitra (Vardenafil) is usually prescribed in a 10 mg (2.5 to 20 mg) pill and taken 30-60 minutes before needed and also last about 4 hours. Both of these drugs are more effective on an empty stomach than along with heavy foods.

Cialis (Tadalafil), is faster working and has a longer duration than the earlier PD-5s. A 10mg (5-20 mg) pill is taken approximately 15-30 minutes before activity and last approximately 36 hours. This quicker activation allows for more spontaneity.

What is Tri-Mix?

Tri-mix takes two prostaglandins (physiologically active lipid compounds that control muscle contraction and blood pressure), Alprostadil and Phentolamine, and adds a vasodilator medication (Blood vessel dialators) Papaverine. These three compounds mixed together (hence Tri-Mix) increases blood flow to the penis which causes longer, stronger erections. Together, they increase arterial blood flow to the penis, dilate the smooth muscles, and restrict the bloods venous outflow. This combination creates a rigid erection together than they would individually and is frequently found to be more effective than PD-5 medications like Viagra or Cialis.   Tri-Mix is an ICP medication (Intracavernous Penile Injection Therapy) which requires injecting the compound directly into the penis. As a result of this methodology, most physicians and patients will start with Testosterone Therapy first, move to PD-5 oral options before moving to the injectable ICP medications like Tri-Mix and Quad-Mix.


Check your Testosterone level first

Contact Hormone Therapeutics today to learn the right solution for you. Do you know your testosterone and other hormone levels? Have you been prescribed testosterone or any ED medications? We can get your blood tested immediately and get you on the right path to sexual desire and function.

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