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This is the third part of our comprehensive list of:

99 Simple Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone.

  1. Mercury Kills

Mercury is a horrific toxin that will absolutely crush your testosterone level, as well as cause any number of other health-related problems. Of course fresh fish (the fresher the better) should be an important part of your diet regimen, but buy or catch from unpolluted waters.

  1. Peak 7 Heaven

Similar to a HIIT workout, the Peak 7 Method involves a simple warm-up, followed by high-intensity exercises (burpees, lunges, etc.) for 30 seconds then a 90 second cool down and rapidly repeat for 7 times, an excellent natural ways to boost testosterone level. In addition to being an excellent cardio workout and Testosterone Boost, this training system is also convenient to fit into any schedule.

  1. Go Ahead and JUMP

The simple Old School action of jumping is proven to activate the lymphatic system which greatly benefits your testosterone levels as a result. So whether it’s jumping rope, hurdles or high bars, jump into a testosterone boost as a part of your cardio workout.

  1. boost testosteroneFlush the Fluoride

Fluoride is an iodine inhibitor (see #16) and an absolute testosterone killer. Iodine and fluoride are halogens and when introduced, harmful fluoride overcome helpful iodine and damages our endocrine system.

  1. Everybody Out of the Pool

Another harmful halogen and iodine inhibitor, easily avoidable chlorine need never be an issue, unless you happen to be training with the US Olympic Swim/Diving Team.

  1. Beat Bromine

Yet another harmful halogen, bromine is a carcinogen as well so be careful to keep bro-loaded foods (flours, non-organic produce and syrupy sodas that contain vegetable oil based bromine) and check your labels.

  1. boost testosteroneFeel the Fiber…in Moderation

Fiber is a diet positive but high-fiber diets can actually lead to a decrease in your testosterone level and so should be avoided. You may also want to equalize your fiber intake with a roughly average amount of oats, which contain saponins and will balance out your fibrous intake.

  1. Get Explosive Training

Low reps with Max weight (see #5) is one of the excellent natural ways to boost testosterone level, but adding explosive movements to your training (box jumps, tire lifts, sledgehammers, etc.) can also provide a reliable post-workout testosterone boost, as well as add to your core strength and overall power!

  1. Balance Your Protein

When you’re packing in the good protein you’ll need, don’t forget to collect your carbs and good fats as well. A high protein diet is a necessity to maintain a healthy testosterone level, but you’ll need to balance your diet regimen as well.

  1. Vegetarians Will NOT Inherit the Earth

The scientific facts are IN and the vegetarian way leads directly to a testosterone decrease…all the time and every time. Veggies are great, but meat is too. Everything in moderation!

  1. Hit Home Runs

Whether your ball striking game is baseball, softball or golf, the primal action of smashing something with a stick can really add a spike to your testosterone level. So bust out your sledgehammers and axes and drivers and swing away!

  1. boost testosteroneSlap Shot Hockey

If you can skate your way onto a team, then the stick smacking action and roughhousing of the game of ice hockey (gym/field hockey also applies) will also be a testosterone goal.

  1. Throw Away that Margarine

Let’s cut the scientific butter here and just state plainly that margarine is chemical garbage, an estrogenic dream and tastes horrible to boot. Throw it away forever if you haven’t already.

  1. Let Your Balls Breathe

Every reliable study shows that the optimal testicular temperature is just a bit cooler than the rest of your body, so don’t pack the nuts too tight in those Speedos. And absolutely avoid hot baths (or baths altogether) and let your boys stay cool and do their important testosterone generating work.

  1. Multi-Meal Diets are for Girls

    Eating a number (say 5-6) smaller meals a day can be a healthy and fuel-efficient method of living, but this sensible practice can also lead to slightly lower testosterone and growth hormone levels. Consider sticking with your back loading carbs (see #31) and fasting (see #15) regimens instead.

  2. Avoid Plastics (and all Chemicals in general)

All exposure to the vast majority of harmful chems floating everywhere today is health and testosterone negative because most act like estrogen when introduced to your system. Of course it’s virtually impossible to avoid them all but stop using plastics (and nuking Tupperware) and eat as organically as you can manage.

  1. boost testosteroneBreak Your Physical Barriers

Train Smarter, not Harder, but occasionally you want to push through to the next level if and/or when your workout routine is beginning to plateau. This breakthrough will of course be absolutely based on your level as an individual, so use your best physical intuition here instead of relying on any set metric. Know your body and make it work!

  1. Charge that Hill

Running best serves your testosterone increase when it’s explosive (see #58). Hill sprints in intervals are not only an awesome cardio workout, they’re a surefire spike for your testosterone levels as well. If you’re a flatlander then find the nearest multi-staircase and CHARGE!

  1. Combat Sports are a Testosterone Rocket

You don’t need to be a barroom brawler to get your punches and kicks in. Any reputable boxing/MMA gym or Martial arts dojo will provide you with the supervised, and relatively safe, outlet you need to release your inner-monster without incurring the wrath of the Law. A solid combat training addition to your workout regimen is absolute testosterone gold.

  1. Old-Fashioned Calisthenics Do the Testosterone Trick

Remember your old HS gym class warm-up (jumping jacks, running-in-place, bend-n-stretch, etc.)? Turns out calisthenics actually trigger a positive actions for your endocrine system, which in turn boost testosterone levels. So remember to give those jumping jacks your best!

  1. Keep the Carbs Up

Yes, a high carb diet may lead to an insulin spike, which will cause a decrease in your testosterone production but not enough carbs will definitely lead to a lower level of testosterone. One of the best natural ways to boost testosterone level is to balance your carbs with your proteins and good fats for optimum testosterone maintenance.

  1. Don’t Fiddle with Your Hormones

In certain cases (like hypogonadism), doctors may recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Be careful to only do so under the guidance of an expert physician.

  1. boost testosteroneRaw Chocolate is OK

100% pure, organic chocolate (not the packaged, manufactured type) is loaded with anti-oxidants and a surprising amount of helpful minerals that lead to a healthy testosterone level. Of course, practice moderation when enjoying your chocolate treats.

  1. Bee Pollen is a Testosterone Bomb

Pure bee pollen, much like pine pollen, actually contains raw testosterone and will absolutely boost Testosterone Level when taken as part of your diet regimen.

  1. Add Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is an important, but often overlooked fat soluble nutrient that not only is a key to bone health but is a reliable testosterone booster as well. So don’t be afraid to get your egg yolks, chicken livers, hard cheeses and salami in you as well as any fermented foods such as kimchi or natto.


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99 Simple Naturals Ways to Boost Testosterone – Part 3

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