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We get a lot of questions about ‘Grumpy Old Man Syndrome,’ well, more so from the wives and children of our patients in all honesty. They want to know what happened to their lovable husband and father when they are experiencing the side effects of low testosterone, and how to get him back. Testosterone therapy is often the best way to re-balance his hormones and get him feeling back to normal if andropause is the cause.

We thought the linked article by the Huffington Post about how age and symptoms of low testosterone can lead to ‘Grumpy Old Man Syndrome’ could help the family members, and the Father, understand what is happening and that it is not just a decision he made to become a sedentary grump. In fact, the article points out five different stages of grumpiness where a man’s hormones can be a lot to handle. The stages are:

  • Whining Teenager where his hormones are causing physical changes while the expectations of him are changing rapidly too
  • The Working Man who finds new stress, less sleep, less exercise and poor eating habits
  • Mid-Life Crisis hits when man starts to assess where he is and what he has made of his life and realizes he is not a young man anymore with children a mortgage and a car payment.
  • The Aging Man has slowed down mentally and physically and can start to lose purpose.
  • The final stages find a man becoming dependent on others, frustrated and frightened.

Learn more about one person’s thoughts and attempts to understand Grumpy Man’s Syndrome and common side effects of low testosterone at the following link.

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When and Why do Men become Grumpy?

Hormone Therapeutics June 16th, 2014

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