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A Harvard medical analysis shows that healthcare related visits wasted 121 minutes per visits for an average 20 minutes of time with the physician or staff.  As a result, Americans waste 1.1 billion hours each year waiting for care which drains $52 billion annually from US productivity.

Hormone Therapeutics believes in patient-centric care.  We are available anywhere and anytime and can work around your schedule and location.  Healthcare was built up around the physicians location and schedule and maximizing their productivity.  Advances in tele-medicine and virtual visits are extending technology to focus on patient care, access, timing and productivity.   Healthcare is one of the last industries to improve patient satisfaction in the way we have seen online shopping and online banking revolutionize those industries allowing anywhere, anytime access to allow shopping and banking from your office, living room or bedroom.  Hormone Therapeutics specialists will consult with our patients at your convenience rather than require you to schedule an appointment three weeks out, drive to it and then sit in a waiting room.  You can get your blood testing in your own home or at our partner’s facilities in most towns across the country.  We aim to make healthcare as easy as possible for you.

Watch this 4 minute video to learn more about the Harvard study:


Physician office visits waste 121 minutes per visit

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