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testosterone injection

Many guys find testosterone injection intimidating, perhaps because there isn’t enough information about it to get started. Men ask for complete details and for that, below is a brief discussion on what you need to know about TRT when getting started.

Testosterone Injection Protocol

  1. 1.0 mg Arimidex (Anastrozole) per week in divided doses
  2. 250 IU Human Chorionic Gonadotropic injected subcutaneously every other day
  3. 100 mg testosterone enanthate or cypionate given per week, could be two or more depending on doctor’s advise

Testosterone injection done once a week causes spikes in the level of testosterone followed by lows. This can make you feel worse by the end of the end compared to your pre-TRT stare. Later on, the dead zone gets broader, feeling no relief with testosterone injection. This makes injecting twice a week or every other day (EOD) much better.

When you have frequent injections, the volumes are too small, using #29 0.5ml 50IU insulin syringes. You can inject in the muscle at the side of your thighs (vastus lateralis). The injection loads very slowly, however, the tiny plunger causes very high pressures. Never use 1.0ml syringes. The same size of syringe can be used for HCG injections.

Small needles cause less muscle damage. Some use #25 needle but this may not be faster compared to 50IU insulin needles. A clinical research has found that testosterone injection through subcutaneous tissue, which is under the skin into the body fat, provide a steadier levels of testosterone and enhances sense of well-being.

For men who exercise, sweat or shower a lot, transdermal testosterone gels and creams are not advised. Transdermal creams and patches are quite hefty and about 10 percent only of its testosterone content is absorbed. Also, men who have low levels of thyroid hormones don’t efficiently absorb testosterone administered topically.

Some people absorbs transdermal creams at the beginning, however, changes in the skin can prevent absorption after some time. With testosterone injections. There are no uncertainties or limitations when it comes to delivery of the drug.

Guidelines on hCG Injection

HCG therapy

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a water-based peptide hormone that is injected to replenish lost luteinizing hormone (LH) that TRT suppresses. A lack of hCG can result to deactivation of LH receptors present in the testes. This results in:

  • Shrinkage of testes. For some, the testes can eventually lead to testicular atrophy. The degree of shrinking differs from person to person, but is more common among older men.
  • Fertility can be greatly affected. If you want an offspring, hCG injection is necessary. If not given, it may greatly reduce fertility or you may not recover fertility.
  • Less pain sensation. When the testes shrinks, some men feel pain in their testes. You can avoid this situation by injecting hCG.
  • When there’s a huge dearth of hCG and LH, the scrotum shrinks too and pull up to the body, giving the pre-pubescent appearance. This isn’t good for a person’s body image perception, and may also affect how women see you sexually.
  • Promotes pregnenolone production. Testes are the major producer of the hormone pregnenolone – a precursor to all steroid hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, estrogen among other. It is also vital for proper mental functioning. hCG injection prevents a drug-induced deficiency of pregnenolone. People who are on TRT without hCG and then just start hCG reported a significant improvement on their mood, that most attributed to increase in pregnenolone levels.

When you inject hCG, you administer it into the fat beneath the skin the same as diabetics administer insulin. Research on the use of subcutaneous injection in men has showed the effectiveness of 250IU EOD dose. You can look for diabetes patient education material on how to administer insulin injection to be used for testosterone injection or hCG.

Guidelines on Anastrazole and Aromotase Inhibitors


Elevated serum estradiol/E2 (30pg/ml and above) can interfere many benefits of testosterone injection. A serum estradiol equivalent to 22pg/ml is near optimal and to be able to get near this level, a person should take Anastrozole. Many men who began with TRT experienced favourable results that later on faded as estrogen levels increase.

My advice is to begin Anastrozole at 1.0mg per week in divided doses beginning at the day of your first injection. Then follow up estrogen lab tests for any necessary Anastrozole dose adjustments. It is not a good idea to wait and check if your estrogen levels increase before taking action. Take Anastrozole EOD if possible.

Testosterone injection with a dose of 100mg should result in 800 to 900 total testosterone (TT) range. While this is a good result, monitor your free testosterone (FT) or the bio-available testosterone. Some doctors won’t bother looking at the TT numbers at all. With age, SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) levels increase while FT levels decrease.

See, a TT of 1000 of a young man won’t be the same as the TT of 1000 for an older man with high SHBG levels, because the FT level of the older man will likewise be well below, even though they have the same TT. Lab ranges presented on lab reports are age-adjusted.

Further, you have to know about prostate-specific antigen (PSA), problems in the prostate and digital rectal exam. Estrogen is a major factor of enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia). Many find that decreasing estrogen to 22pg/ml improves their urine flow as well as BPH. You also have to monitor your haematocrit levels as part of routine lab work.

Hormone Therapeutics Testosterone Therapy

Being a leading provider of low testosterone therapy solutions, we are always looking for newer ways to improve blood testosterone levels for our patients. We believe on improving testosterone levels with not only different testosterone treatment options that we offer, but also with diet, exercise, and therapeutic methods. Over the years, we have seen that our patients have greatly benefited from our Low-T therapy and treatment solutions, and our network of patients have grown across across all major cities of United States, including: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Jersey City, and Seattle.

If you or a loved one is dealing with low blood testosterone levels, contact us today to get a free evaluation of your Low-T symptoms and see how our treatment options can help you with your low testosterone.

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What You Need to Know about Testosterone Injection Protocol

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From Intramuscular Testosterone to Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections

testosterone injectionsThe most common types of testosterone injections are oil-based injectables administered to patients once or twice a week. Popular testosterone supplements, testosterone cypionate, propionate and enanthate have traditionally been injected through Intramuscular means as this was previously seen as the only possible method for providing patients with the testosterone esters. To administer these Intramuscular injections, patients are usually injected with needles measuring 1 inch to 1.5 inches, into the glute or hip, once a week.

However, recent studies have provided a different angle to this practice, saying that administration of these esters does not have to be limited to Intramuscular means. Over the years, there have been multiple studies exploring the possibility of other alternatives to Intramuscular administration. As a result, newer researches have debunked the common perception that Intramuscular administration is the only effective way to inject testosterone, strengthening the case for subcutaneous injections as a means of administering the esters.  Additionally, physicians are also exploring the possibility that subcutaneous injections may address common problems encountered with Intramuscular administration of testosterone.

Subcutaneous injections and less testosterone fluctuations

A common problem encountered with intramuscularly administered testosterone esters is their tendency to cause fluctuating hormone levels.

Intramuscular injections are typically administered weekly.  The patients testosterone levels peak in the first day and then are back to normal levels by day 6 or 7.  If a physician is prescribing monthly or bi-monthly injections the trough the patient develops after a week while waiting for the next injection will send that patient on a roller coaster.   As result, some patients experience a spike in their testosterone levels, where the testosterone serum in their system reaches high doses the following period after injections.

Testosterone Leveling

The peak from the injection comes to an end after several days. Once the hormones are metabolized, what is left is a gradual decrease of the testosterone in the system. Because of this, some patients experience a “peak and trough” fluctuation in hormone levels, resulting in uneven presence of testosterone.

Subcutaneous administration of testosterone serums are being explored as a possible remedy to this issue. A pilot study researching the effects of subcutaneous testosterone injections on hypogonadal males has shown that a smaller, more frequent dose of the serum levels showed peak and trough levels within the normal range for 100% of the patients.

 As an alternative option that can replace Intramuscular injection’s weekly doses of the serum, a subcutaneous injection can be divided into two smaller doses each week. This practice levels the amount of testosterone serum in a patient, preventing large spikes and decreases experienced from intramuscular injection. This results in a more balanced and stable presence of the hormone in the patient.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections are Easier

Subcutaneous injections make testosterone administration more convenient for patients

Increased studies showing the viability of subcutaneous hormone administration bring many possibilities for patients going through testosterone treatments.

Aside from providing a more balanced testosterone concentration and more level peaks and troughs, subcutaneous injections are generally seen as more convenient for the patient. As an alternative to intramuscular injections, subcutaneous administration provides a cheap and less painful means of administering hormones.

Because of this, more providers, scientists and companies are exploring options that employ subcutaneously administered testosterone.

Hormone Therapeutics provides you the right method for you

As men age, testosterone concentration decline, causing many symptoms of low testosterone and unsatisfactory changes or difficulties in their lives. However, thanks to increasing medical advancements, these hormonal deficiencies and issues are no longer problems men have to bear on their own.

With the increasing amount of alternatives for testosterone treatment nowadays, it is not difficult for men to find a treatment method that they are comfortable with. As a variety of hormone treatments to supplement endocrine systems are now being made available, men can now choose to improve their quality of life through treatment methods that are best suited for them.

Here at Hormone Therapeutics, we want to help you find the best alternative for you so you can live better. Focused on making sure that each client gets a convenient and affordable solution to their needs, we provide testosterone injections, along with various endocrine treatments in order to improve quality of life.  All our articles have been brought to you by SEO Advisors.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding subcutaneous testosterone injections or other forms of testosterone or hormone therapy, Hormone Therapeutics will be glad to tell you more about our services and provide a physician evaluation of your options. Give us a call and we will help you learn more about testosterone and hormone therapy and find the best solution for you. 

Revealed: Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections Offer More Favorable Effects

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