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Treating a patient solely based on testing levels is not a proper way to evaluate and treat a patient, however, understanding the normal ranges for a patient is an important piece to the puzzle.  What are Normal Testosterone Levels?  The normal level of Total Testosterone is often described as between 350-1200 ng/dl (270-1070 ng/dl in another study), however, this range is not associated with age and everyone agrees that men have peak testosterone levels in their early twenties and then slowly decline at 1-2% per year after that. Normal values will vary by lab as will the reference range. In the US, ranges are seen in nanograms per deciliter.

Total Testosterone represents the Total amount of Testosterone produced in the body. The Free Testosterone level refers to the amount of unattached testosterone in the blood stream (approx. 1-4% of the blood stream) that is biologically available, “free”, for bind with the proteins needed for processing testosterones benefits in the body.

The next two charts show LabCorps normal ranges of Testosterone for various age groups.


Total Testosterone Normal Range by Age (LabCorp)

7 mo. – 9 years

< 30 ng/dl

10-13 years

1-619 ng/dl


100-540 ng/dl


200-970 ng/dl


270-1,080 ng/dl


350-890 ng/dl


350-720 ng/dl


Free Testosterone Normal Range by Age (LabCorp)

20-29 years

9.3-26.5 picograms/milliliter


8.7-25/1 pg/ml


6.8-21.5 pg/ml


7.2-24.0 pg/ml


What are Normal Testosterone Levels?

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  • Jim Wilson. says:

    This information is skewed by the nature of the testing process itself. Only the sick go in to be tested, and there are NO available studies done on OPTIMUM testosterone levels. When someone goes to a university and tests all of their sports teams for their test levels I am willing to bet they get a FAR different number from the folks that are busy putting on their “Freshman Fifteen” and IMMENSELY different from the SO-CALLED “avg test range” – it’s poor science. As in literally lacking in application of the scientific method.

  • joseph says:

    It’s one of the best article for Normal Testosterone Levels In Men By Age

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