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Lower Sex Drive

image-8Are you less interested in having sex than you used to be? Lower sex drive from Low T, or low libido, is a common symptom of andropause any probably it’s most well known. Erectile dysfunction and low libido are similar and coupled but different symptoms and issues. While erective dysfunction exhibits itself with the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, low sex drive is found with the decreased interest in sexual activity. Sex drive in a man starts in the brain and testosterone stimulating nerves. These receptors, once stimulated, release nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles of the penis, increasing blood flow and stimulating an erection. Low testosterone levels, or andropause, reduce the ability to stimulate the nerves in the brain that induce sexual desire or interest.

Lower sex drive from Low T

Lower sex drive may not be readily noticeable by the man and is frequently more obvious to their partners. The person is still capable of performance but has lost that hunger for sex and intimacy they used to have. They will often blame other issues such as being tired, focusing on work, stressed, but those often just hide the lessened libido.

Lifestyle choices impact your body functions such as nutrition and fitness. Smoking and drinking have a strong correlation to a lower sex drive. Regular exercise and a proper diet contribute to increased blood flow stimulating better sexual function. The increased energy and positive serotonin resulting from exercise will also increase one’s sexual appetite while high levels of estrogen can consequently lower sex drive. Increased levels of estrogen, particularly in their balance with testosterone, will reduce a male’s sexual desire.

The solution to a increasing sex drive:

Decreased sex drive can be one of the most noticeable sign of andropause by your partner with the greatest effect on your relationship. Testosterone therapy, directed by your Hormone Therapeutics physician, can easily correct your hormone imbalance causing this condition. This will include testosterone therapy, supplements, fitness regimens, customized nutrition programs, and other areas so that you do not need to accept low libido as a fact of aging.

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If you suffer from low libido and any of the symptoms below, you could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy:

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