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Weight Gain

image-7One lesser known effect of testosterone therapy treatment is its effect on body fat because many men experience weight gain from Low T. One study showed that men lose on average 1.75 lbs. of fat over their first six months of treatment and a total of 3 lbs. of body fat over 18 months. Another study worked with 54 males aged 18-35 who underwent treatment that suppressed their natural testosterone production. These individuals were then administered various levels of testosterone injections from lower than normal to much higher than normal. Those treated with lower levels of testosterone developed increased amounts of fat below the skin, inside the abdomen and between muscles. Those placed on high doses had reductions in the amount of fat between muscles without changes in other areas.

Low testosterone and cortisol appear to increase body fat, particularly in the abdomen, while decreasing muscle mass. The increase in estrogen seen in andropause also will increase body fat and weight. More weight and less muscle mass will put a further strain on the body and increase fatigue and low energy levels.

Hormone imbalance and Weight Gain from Low T in Men

High stress causes a rise in cortisol, which over extended periods of time can put the body into survival mode. This will result in the body producing more fat cells, slowing of the metabolism and storing fuel for use. Cortisol will also increase your appetite to stimulate fuel storage. Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism will also stimulate weight gain by decreasing a body’s metabolic weight.

The solution to male weight loss:

Weight maintenance is obviously a very complex issue with more at play than calories ingested and calories burned. Hormonal imbalance can be a very delicate scale and play a significant role in weight gain or maintenance. Hormone Therapeutics can test all of your hormones and assess your lifestyle through our conversations with you. Your physician can help bring your testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid hormones into an optimal balance. This balance is a critical starting point to help you move forward with a plan to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

In additional to a hormone balancing program, you will receive nutritional advice and consulting, fitness plans and supplements.

Your first step is to sign up today for a free consultation. Let Hormone Therapeutics develop a program for you to fight weight gain and live well, age well through a custom testosterone therapy program.

If you suffer from weight gain and any of the symptoms below, you could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy:

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