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Symptoms of Low Testosterone


Symptoms of andropause, or Symptoms of Low Testosterone, often become increasingly common among men as they age. As we increasingly live a high stress lifestyle, and neglect proper nutrition and fitness we continue to put more and more stress on our bodies. As our bodies age, certain organs and hormones begin a decline from their optimal levels which are compounded by the stress and lifestyle choices that make our body and organs work harder and harder. Since all of our organs and hormones are interdependent we typically find that once we start having an issue in one area it will frequently cause further issues in other areas, organs and hormones in our body. That is why proper hormone balancing is so important for feeling on top of your game. Most of what is attributed to aging is in fact, symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

The biggest symptom of Low T for men is that they simply do not feel right. They might be run down, tired, loss of energy. They might have lost interest in sex or experienced the inability to perform. They may believe they still have interest in sex but are reminded by their wives that they used to want it all the time and hardly ever express interest any more. Someone with Low T might become more irritable to their family or coworkers. They may have lost some of their mental clarity and interest in work. They may experience other physical symptoms like weight gain, breast development urinary problems, hair loss or hot flashes. They may simply feel like they have not gotten a good night’s sleep in years and miss the energy they felt a few years ago to tackle their day to day life.

The most typical Symptoms of low testosterone, or andropause, include:

None of these symptoms are something you have to live with or just signs of growing older. With men, the answer can frequently be testosterone therapy. Male hormone replacement therapy and testosterone replacement therapy help men improve their quality of life by helping to restore their proper hormonal balance. Every time we turn on the radio or TV, we are told that this simple program will solve all of our problems. Sometimes it will require a more comprehensive balancing of all of the hormones as even one hormone can cause a domino effect on others. Your first step is to sign up today for a free consultation. Our hormone replacement therapy doctors will develop a program for you to fight your depression, age well and live well through a custom testosterone treatment program.

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