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57445896Allow Hormone Therapeutics to get you back on track today. Contact us for a free consultation with our medical experts to discuss your symptoms and how you could benefit from testosterone and/or hormone therapy. Ask any question, learn about our program and set up a local physical examination and blood test. We can even mail you a self administered blood testing kit direct to you if easier.

Your $199 monthly program includes shipment to your home or office of your prescriptions. You and your physician will decide on whether gels, creams, injections or other delivery methods are most appropriate. If your physician determines that you should be balancing other hormones in addition to testosterone, by prescribing HCG, Estrogen, Anastrozole or others, we will discuss this with you and your monthly treatment costs may be higher than $199 per month. Please note, the $199 pricing is only available with our six month program versus the $250 per month option. All patients will be charged a $15 prescription fee with each prescription or refill. We will continually consult with you to monitor your progress and treatments through ongoing blood test results while also providing guidance on your fitness, dietary, and sleep programs.

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