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Erectile Dysfunction

image-8Many people believe that erectile dysfunction is the primary reason that people will undergo testosterone therapy. Yes, erectile dysfunction from low t is yet another symptom positively treated through testosterone therapy; however, it is just one of many issues men suffer when they see a decrease in testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. It is like a power failure for the penis where he may be fully aroused but unable to perform. By age 40, most men experience weak erections at some point in their lives. Erectile dysfunction can be the inability to achieve an erection, difficulty in sustaining an erection or inconsistency. Erectile dysfunction can be a result of many different reasons and many of them are due to hormone balance issues.

Many people have seen the commercials promoting Low T and familiar with the broad results of lowered testosterone but not everyone understands the issues resulting from an imbalance of hormones. Hormones work together with each other and are critical to regulating your bodily functions. An increase or deficiency in one will have a correlative effect on many of the others that it works with which is why maintaining an overall hormonal balance is so important.

Men suffering from andropause often have had a chain of events in their body initiated by diminished testosterone. These issues cause many of the symptoms discussed on this site and can include erectile dysfunction. Another symptom of low t is a diminished sex drive, or libido, which in turn can effect one’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection. However, there may frequently be a sexual desire in men who are incapable of an erection. In a properly functioning body, the brain signals for the body to release nitric oxide which will in turn allow blood flow by relaxing the muscles of the penis. If a man has a buildup of plaque in the critical arteries where nitric oxide is produced than achieving an erection may be difficult.

The stress hormone cortisol will diminish testosterone when too much is produced while also causing weight gain. The pituitary gland creates prolactin which can cause a decrease in testosterone when produced in excess. Hypothyroidism can stimulate the production of prolactin diminishing testosterone production. Hypogonadism, or testicular failure, can also cause a decrease in testosterone production. All of these hormones are cross regulated by each other and an increase or a decrease in one will frequently cause an increase or decrease on one or more of the others. Most of these hormones will affect the production of testosterone and a change in one can be the reason for erectile dysfunction.

Liver and kidney disease can contribute to erectile dysfunction due to the imbalance of hormones they create as a poorly functioning liver may cause an increase in estrogen production. Diabetes, blood pressure medication and constriction of veins can all lead to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction from Low T

Erectile dysfunction from low t has spurred drugs like Cialis, Levitra or Viagra can play an important role in treating erectile dysfunction; however, it does not always treat the main symptom. One study of testosterone treatment conducted on men who had failed successful treatment with Viagra showed that a third were able to have sex without any Viagra and just testosterone, a third were able to have sex with both Viagra and testosterone and the last third was still unable to perform.

Many men who have used ED pills to combat erectile dysfunction have preferred testosterone therapy to the ED drugs as it treats the solves for the main symptoms. These men will often state that they still feel impotent, with the ability to perform on the pills while also keeping an eye on the clock, versus men who feel restored from testosterone therapy.

The solution to erectile dysfunction issues:

Your physician through Hormone Therapeutics can help men experiencing erectile dysfunction issues through a uniquely prescribed program for you. This may include testosterone replacement therapy, nutrition, supplements and fitness regimens.

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and any of the symptoms below, you could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy:

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