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Low Testosterone Therapy Treatment in Durham

Are you feeling down and weak lately? Do you always tend to brush this feeling aside thinking that it is just caused by the toxicity at work? If you are already in your 30’s, then you might be at risk of having low testosterone. Testosterone is a vital hormone in your body which is responsible for making you feel strong and lively during the day. It has been proven that middle-aged men suffer from decreasing testosterone levels. The earliest sign of Low-T is usually fatigue that eventually leads to a series of symptoms, which may include erectile dysfunction and sudden mood changes.

Low Testosterone Therapy Treatment in Durham

Low testosterone may also be caused by having an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are already experiencing some manifestations brought about by this condition, it is best to seek help and get yourself a diagnose of your low testosterone symptoms.  

Hormone Therapeutics is a trusted provider of Hormone, anti-aging, and testosterone treatment across the United States. Our network of patients is spread across the United States, and most recently we started offering our services in various cities of North Carolina. If you or a loved one is experiencing low testosterone symptoms in Durham, our experts are available to help you get a diagnose of your low testosterone symptoms.

What are the Risks of not Treating Low-T?

If low testosterone is not treated, the condition can lead to decreased bone density and increase the risk of heart disease. Not to mention the symptoms that you live with one daily basis that affect your personal and work life. Several research studies have shown that men with low testosterone constantly experience fatigue, depression, low sex drive, mood swings, and sleep deprivation. All of these and other symptoms interrupts your daily routine and cause in decrease in your performance.

The aim of low testosterone treatment is to restore the amount of testosterone in your body and get you the balanced level of testosterone that is needed to perform at your best. When you start our treatment program, our physicians will do an overall assessment of your health conditions, medical history, low testosterone symptoms, and your daily activities. Based on the results of this assessment, our experts will create a treatment solution for you. If there are any underlying conditions that might be contributing to your symptoms, our experts will advise your on how to get treated them first before starting any Low-T treatment plans.

Getting Treatment for Low Testosterone in Durham

If you are experiencing low testosterone symptoms that are seriously interfering with your life and preventing you from living a normal and healthy life, we are here to help. You can contact us by calling us at 1-855-898-8898 or complete the form on the right to schedule an appointment with one of experts for a free assessment of your low testosterone symptoms. This first consultation involves answering a series of questions about your low testosterone symptoms and how they are affecting your life. It is followed by a blood test at a partner location near you to analyze your blood testosterone levels. This blood test is scheduled at one of these 2 partner locations near you in Durham:

Our experts will put together a treatment solution based on the analysis of your symptoms and blood testosterone levels. This treatment solution is private, affordable, and convenient as compared to other choices available in the market. For only $199 a month, you will get a monthly delivery of the complete therapy solution along with usage instructions and an access to our experts to answer all your questions and help you share your progress. This complete therapy solution can be used in the convenience of your home and doesn’t require any visits of a physician’s office.

Contact us today to get started with our low testosterone treatment in Durham, North Carolina and take the control of your life back with more energy, passion, and productivity.

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