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The proper, healthy Man Diet is absolutely key to not only good, sustainable health and longevity, but also to maintaining a viably productive and powerful testosterone level. And we say Man, because the nutritional facts are that we males require a distinctly di­ffering amount of similar foods than the fairer sex, while also requiring a diff­ering variety of the best testosterone boosting foods for our optimal testosterone health. Top 7 Best Testosterone Boosting FoodsOf course our Top 7 Superfoods and testosterone boosting foods are healthy and nutritious for everyone, but men in particular should pay special attention. Introduce these foods to your diet regimen, and you’ll feel the results right away.


This Old School herb and Paleo-Superfood is perhaps one of the healthiest overall ingredients you can add to any diet regimen. Excellent as an immune system booster, garlic is an all-natural additive that has been shown to boost testosterone levels. In addition to its many health benefits, garlic is just plain delicious!Pills and powders are OK, but eating real garlic is best.


A key source of healthy monounsaturated fats, the delicious coconut will help boost your testosterone levels without packing on the blubber. In addition, you need not worry over any negative cardiovascular eff­ects from this hard-shelled, hairy nutrition monster. In smoothies, with desserts, in milks, coconuts are a reliable testosterone booster.And don’t forget coconut oil as a cooking additive!


A very simple equation is less cholesterol equals more testosterone, and the awesome avocado is a full of cholesterol-busting good fats that will allow the testosterone to grow, as well keep your arteries in good working order.


Grape skins are loaded with all-important resveratrol (a plant-based polyphenol), which plays a crucial role in overall sperm health and motility with a corresponding increase in Testosterone levels. In addition, emerging research is finding that resveratrol, taken in large amounts, just may be a longevity super-additive. So eat grapes and live longer and healthier.

Red Meat

A very simple equation is less cholesterol equals more testosterone, and the awesome avocado is a full of cholesterol-busting good fats that will allow the testosterone to grow, as well keep your arteries in good working order.


An excellent sugar substitute, honey is loaded with nitric oxide and boron, an important testosterone boosting mineral. Nitric Oxide is the key ingredient to many ED drugs as it dilates the blood vessels and promotes better blood flow for an erection.


As we previously mentioned, the Omega-3 rich egg is also a protein powerhouse and a sure testosterone firecracker!Here is one extra one that doesn’t boost testosterone but helps you manage your Estrogen levels!!Cabbage is rich in indole-3-carbinol, a metabolic chemical that e­ffectively flushes any floating estrogen from your system and as a result, lets your testosterone run wild. It doesn’t matter if your tastes run to kimchi or corned beef and cabbage. Just get that leafy goodness in you!

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Top 7 Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

Hormone Therapeutics April 18th, 2023

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This is the second part of our comprehensive list of:

99 Simple Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

  1. Stop the Sugar Sweetie

One of the natural ways to boost testosterone level is to reduce consumption of sugar. Refined white sugar is one of the most harmful dietary additives and one of the most ubiquitous- for anyone working towards a healthy testosterone increase. If you must indulge a sweet tooth, we recommend honey, watermelon or grapes.

  1. Fuel Up on Vitamin D

Make 100% All-Natural sunshine a part of your daily regimen (but don’t forget the sunscreen). Just 10-20 minutes a day will positively aff­ect your Testosterone levels and recharge your soul batteries as well.

  1. Tongkat Ali is the Greatest

The natural herbal supplement from Malaysia has been shown to increase overall testosterone levels by as much 40%, while at the same time reducing stray estrogen in the male system. That’s a win/win and we recommend either the raw herb itself or a powdered version.

  1. Suma Root for a Testosterone Reboot

Suma root, also known as Brazilian ginseng, is loaded with the natural steroid, ecdysterone, which is not only a healthy muscle builder but also a powerful testosterone booster.

  1. ways to boost testosteroneExtreme Wind Sprints

Much like HIIT training, short, intense and extreme wind sprints are stair climbing are proven testosterone boosters and natural ways to boost testosterone level that will really get your blood pumping. Want to kick it up a notch? Add a weighted vest and/or go barefoot in the snow. You’ll be an Animal in no time.

  1. Back Load your Carbs

A common practice among high-level athletes, back-loading involves eating only after your workout (never before). An e­ffective testosterone boost every time.

  1. Add BCAA’s to your Regimen

As supplements go, Branch Chain Amino Acids are one of the most e­ffective as a Testosterone booster (as much as 50% is some studies) and protein synthesizer, especially if your workout regimen is on the intense side. And if it is, then BCAA’s are also enormously beneficial for muscle recovery.

  1. Ease Up on the Caffeine

We all love a hot cup of java, but did you know that excess caff­eine (more than 2 cups per day) will increase cortisol levels, which will negatively impact your testosterone levels. So after you get your heart started in the morning, be mindful of your coff­ee intake.

  1. Put Garlic on Everything

One of the best natural ways to boost testosterone level is to add more garlic in your diet. The Superfood Supreme that, among its many health benefits, will absolutely lead to a positive testosterone increase.

  1. Think about Omega-3 Supplements

If you’re finding it difficult to get enough fish, eggs and avocadoes into your diet, then consider adding a tablespoon of cod liver oil to your daily regimen. It goes down easy and while expensive, a good bottle will last for weeks.

  1. Ask your Doctor about your Thyroid

The unfortunately common and widespread condition of hypothyroidism (the body’s inability to adequately produce necessary hormones, T3 and T4) can cause your body to resist e­fforts to boost your testosterone level. Hormone Therapeutics experts can help you with all types of issues like optimizing your thyroid health.

  1. Just Add Magnesium

A magnesium surge in your daily diet is among the best natural ways to boost testosterone level by as much as 20-25%. Don’t forget to get your leafy greens, beans, avocadoes and even the occasional dark chocolate to your diet.

  1. ways to boost testosteroneSEX

Enjoying your bedroom time with that special someone? Great. Now enjoy it some more! More SEX will always positively impact your testosterone levels. And that’s in addition to all the other benefits it provides to your body and soul.

  1. Add DAA to your Shopping List

D-Aspartic Acid is a non-essential amino, but has been proven recently to support testosterone production as much as 33% in younger males. Older males take heart and get that DAA.

  1. All Natural Mucuna Pruriens

Also known as velvet bean, this all natural supplement has been shown to not only increase testosterone levels, but also decrease prolactin in the system, which inhibits testosterone production.

  1. Get Icarin

Also known as horny goat weed or the natural Viagra, adding an icarin supplement to your daily regimen will increase pelvic blood flow, blast your testosterone and make everybody happier.

  1. ways to boost testosteroneDon’t Forget your Vitamin C

The old standby of vitamin C reliably decreases cortisol levels which positively impact testosterone production. In addition, that glass of OJ in the morning also saves your Testosterone molecules from oxidation.

  1. Raise the Resveratrol

Got grapes? Use them in bulk. The wonder phytonutrient resveratrol is a reliable testosterone booster as well as a potential powerful aid to overall longevity. So fire up on those natural anti-oxidant blueberries and cranberries too.

  1. Pine Pollen Please

A super supplement that actually contains natural, pure testosterone (and DHEA), pine pollen is also an excellent natural ways to boost testosterone level

  1. Ditch the Paraben-based Shampoo

Many of today’s shampoos, shaving gels, toothpastes and moisturizers are loaded with parabens, which strongly act as estrogens when metabolized in your body. Read your ingredient labels and watch out for any additive that ends in paraben.

  1. Get your Berry On

We’ve mentioned the importance of berries already but your strawberries, blueberries, et al, also act a potent fibrous estrogen flush for your bloodstream, which greatly aids the efficiency of your testosterone production.

  1. ways to boost testosteroneCan’t Beat Beets

Another powerfully e­ffective estrogen flusher, beets act as a body flush and also increase your nitric oxide production. So load up on your borscht!

  1. All Natural Testosterone Cycle

Supplement cycling (2 weeks on, 1 week o­, 3 weeks on, etc.) has perhaps gotten a bad rap due to its association with steroid abuse, but natural supplement cycling is a dietary practice that can really blast your testosterone when managed efficiently. Mix, match and track your natural supplement intake studiously and your testosterone levels will really jump.

  1. Unclick the Porno

Sad but true. Our convenient access to porn, and the game of solitaire that often follows, negatively impacts your dopamine and androgen receptors. That leads to a steady lowering of your testosterone level. But a little discipline will do wonders for your Testosterone level.

  1. Healthy HIIT Blasts Testosterone

We’ve discussed High Intensity Interval Training already, but HIIT really must be an essential portion of any well balanced workout regimen. Whether it’s once, twice or three times per week, a smart HIIT workout is among the natural ways to boost testosterone level. So good we said it twice!


Hormone Therapeutics aims to help people looking to improve and optimize their health through natural means or through the guidance of our physicians.

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99 Simple Naturals Ways to Boost Testosterone – Part 2

Saleamp Design December 13th, 2016

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testosterone boosting habitsIt’s been well-established that testosterone has many benefits, and in order to enhance the production of T, here are concrete testosterone boosting habits you can take today. Reap those rewards from optimized testosterone level right now.  

As you’ve seen, there are all sorts of ways to boost your testosterone levels over time. Supplements and dietary changes and exercises and a multitude of other healthy things to do. It can be a little overwhelming, though, so here’s a hit-list, with science to back them up.

Start these eight things right now, and your body and mind will thank you, profusely.


testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #1: Eat!

There are loads of things you can eat to improve your health and testosterone levels, but one of the most efficient is dark chocolate. That’s good quality, low sugar, very dark chocolate, not something you picked up at the gas station. And not too much!

A Harvard University study showed that eating a regular-sized bar of dark chocolate about three times per month will do wonders for your blood. Chocolate is full of flavonoids which can reduce harmful clots and thin the blood, which is great for your blood pressure.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #2: Love!

In the physical sense. Have sex! Grab your significant other and have a great time! The University of California proved what we already knew. Orgasms reduce stress. Stress is bad for you.

The study actually showed that having sex regularly will extend your life by two years or more, and they’ll be pretty sweet years. Sexual desire and testosterone go hand-in-hand, and increasing one will increase the other. It works both ways, and of course it’s fun!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #3: Go Nuts!

Nuts are full of healthy fats, and snacking on them in moderation will boost your testosterone, heart health, and all sorts of other things. Monounsaturated fats such as those found in nuts make your heart safer by lowering your cholesterol.

A project undertaken at Loma Linda University in California concluded that we should eat nuts five days a week in order to extend our lives by about three years. Moderation is essential, of course, since nuts are extremely calorie-dense. Just a handful will do.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #4: Drink! (Some)

Studies performed by Dutch researchers have shown that wine in moderation is very, very healthy. The science tends to go back and forth on this, but red wine especially is rich in antioxidants, resveratrol and polyphenolic compounds. Antioxidants are just super for reducing the eff­ects of age, and the polyphenolic compounds prevent fatty tissues from blocking your arteries.

If you’re not quite sure which wine to drink, Cabernet Sauvignon is richest in antioxidants. Stick to red wine for the health benefits, and don’t have too much. The Dutch study says a half a glass of wine a day is enough. Drinking more than that is more for your mind than your body, and binging on a whole bottle is never a good idea.

testosterone-boosting-habits-6Testosterone Boosting Habits #5: Play!

Sports are good for you. Walking, running, and jumping are great exercise, and the competitiveness is an excellent testosterone booster. As the saying goes, the best exercise is one you’ll actually do, and making it fun by playing around with your friends (or defeating your bitter enemies) is something you’ll be glad to stick with.

A Swedish research study found that regular golfers live up to five years longer on average. The game is surprisingly competitive, and players walk several miles during an 18-hole round. It’s good for your heart, for your muscles, and for your mind.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #6: Eat Some More!

A diet filled with fish, olive oil and garlic can help your blood pressure, cholesterol, and lifespan. It’s what’s commonly referred to as the Mediterranean diet, and the science shows it works. It was another Dutch research program that proved it, and they’re not even Italian! They’ve got no horse in this race!

These foods are all rich in aminos, healthy fats, and cholesterol-busting components that will keep your ticker ticking. And they’re delicious! So throw that fish in a pan and pile on the garlic, it’s all good for you.

There are plenty of other foods that will help your testosterone levels and general health, of course. Refer to our other articles for the full list of testosterone-boosting and healthy foods.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #7: Lose!

Yes, lose weight, it’s another reason to drop those extra pounds.

What’s more, a study at Oxford University found that a BMI of over 30 at the age of 40 can reduce your life expectancy by as much as seven years. So hit the gym and cut the calories! It’s worth it.


testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #8: Win!

Testosterone production starts in the brain, in a very literal sense. High emotions and a competitive spirit can trigger a testosterone and adrenaline boost as your body works to support your success.

So indulge the urge! Play to win in everything you do. Sports are one way, as is striving for success in the workplace and in your hobbies. Even just watching sports and rooting for your favorite team can cause increased testosterone levels. The more excited you get about it, the better for your testosterone. So feel free to bust out the face paint and even that giant foam finger!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #9: Sleep!

Get your solid eight hours. You need it. Even minor sleep deprivation causes a cascade of health problems that include a tendency to binge eat and a lowered metabolism. Your sex drive will go down, too, and of course your general energy level and mental focus.

All of that leads to lowered testosterone production, and the numbers are shocking. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study showing that men who sleep less than 5 hours per night quickly sure a 15% drop in testosterone. The normal drop that occurs with age is 1% per year, so this is a big problem.

Bottom line: Prioritize sleep. Make the time!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #10: Laugh!

It really is the best medicine! Your mental state a­ffects your entire body, and multiple studies have shown that stress is bad in more ways than we ever imagined.

So laugh! Have a good time! Studies performed in the US and elsewhere conclude that laughing for about 15 minutes per day can increase your lifespan by as much as eight years. It’ll make you a happier person, and it’s becoming more and more clear that a happier person is a healthier person.

So there are ten things you can start doing today to improve your health, your mood, and your testosterone levels. Those three things go hand-in-hand for men, and you’ll find that good healthy practices just make life better.

We strongly recommend going to the doctor for your annual physical, and be sure to have your testosterone levels checked. But there’s so much you can do at home to help make sure those lab results are full of good news.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #11: Contact Hormone Therapeutics!

Most of us have tried to eat better, work out and live naturally. How long have you tried this and why do you expect that you can realize your New Year’s resolutions this year that you haven’t the last 7 years? Contact expert specialist physicians for a Free Evaluation and learn how a physician guided program can change your life to the way you remember.


Hormone Therapeutics aims to help people looking to improve and optimize their health through natural means or through the guidance of our physicians.

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11 Testosterone Boosting Habits to Increase Testosterone and Live Longer

Saleamp Design October 21st, 2016

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