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natural ways to boost testosteroneYou should now understand that increasing testosterone from low levels to normal levels leads to a happier, healthier and more productive life, so here’s a more comprehensive list of 99 Simple Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone.

Most are new, some we just want to emphasize, a few you may already be practicing, but all of them are simple life hacks that will lead to a brand new outlook on the best way to tackle your brand new day.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

1. Start with Strength Training

No matter what age or stage you are in life, strength training- in all its many forms- is one of the great natural ways to boost testosterone level. Of course weight training is always a great idea but don’t be afraid to try other strength training methods- isometrics, HIIT strength training, MMA training, boxing, Pilates, yoga, etc.- to alternate your routine and maximize your results.

2. Whole Body Techniques

As you dive into your strength training, keep in mind- and practice- the concept of whole body movements when designing your workout. Utilizing your entire body while training is a paleo-method to get caveman strong and jolt your Testosterone levels. Whatever type of strength training to use, focus on moving your entire body as you train. Yoga and Pilates are also excellent natural ways to boost testosterone level.

3. Don’t Neglect That Good Fat

Not all fat is created equal and healthy adults should get 20- 35% of their calories from good fats (think polyunsaturated). Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in fish, eggs, avocadoes, nuts for example are excellent sources of the type of “good fat” we all need to keep that testosterone level fired up.

4. And Don’t Forget that Good Cholesterol

One mostly forgotten upside to cholesterol is that HDL cholesterols create important Leydig cells in the male testes which, in turn, produce testosterone. So give us Two, Over-Easy!

5. Lift Low Reps with Max Weight

When it comes to weight training, the low reps/max weight formula is a proven testosterone booster with proven results every time.

natural ways to boost testosterone6. Burn that Spare Tire

According to the Endocrine Society, losing weight increases testosterone. Simple as that! Any training regimen you choose should always have at least some part that focuses on fat-burning cardio exercises (HIIT, boxing, any aerobics, etc.).

7. Manage your Stress like You Manage your Money

Stress is an everyday reality for most of us and an absolute testosterone killer! But it needn’t be if we pay attention and manage our stress levels as carefully as our credit cards.

8. Minimal Training Maximizes

If you’re over 25 (and not in training for a big Pay-Per-View Event) then your workout needn’t be 2 hours long to be eff­ective. Be smart and find at least one workout that you can easily fold into your lunch break (think 15-25 minutes). Your testosterone level will thank you!

9. Overtraining Kills

Yes, that 2 hour workout (see above) may actually lead to a testosterone decrease, as well as chronic fatigue and/or injury. Once again, WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!

natural ways to boost testosterone10. Sweet Dreams

Want to blast your Testosterone level on a regular basis? Then commit to getting at least 8 hours of good sleep per night (10 is even better). Sleep deprivation is a proven testosterone killer that will negatively aff­ect other parts of your life as well.

11. Toss the Soy Milk

And all soy products in general. The scientific evidence suggests that soy products increase estrogen levels and that is what you absolutely do NOT want.

12. Booze Binges are Bad

Occasionally working out the old drinking elbow is OK but sustained binge drinking of any type of alcoholic beverage will lead to a reduced testosterone level and a host of other problems. So practice some moderation with your good times.

13. Grab Those Nuts

Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, et al…nuts are loaded with nitric oxide, a key testosterone producing ingredient and one of the best natural ways to boost testosterone level.. Just keep it organic and mind the sodium.

14. Walk like John Wayne

Yes, it may seem trifling, but numerous studies prove that paying attention to presenting masculine posture and positive body language (direct eye contact, standing up straight, etc.) can positively a­ffect your testosterone level. So throw those shoulders back and walk like a man!

15. 16 Hour Fasts for a Fast Testosterone Increase

No, this is NOT a diet. One proven testosterone boost is intermittent fasting (16 hours OFF the table, 8 hours ON). This regimen (practiced once per month to once per week) may take a bit of discipline but will result in a healthier body and a reliable testosterone increase.

16. Increase your Iodine

Iodine is a key, if oft ignored lever for testosterone production. Remember to keep iodine-rich foods like strawberries, seaweed, organic potatoes, beans and legumes and organic yogurt are natural ways to boost testosterone level.

17. Boost your Boron

A great mineral supplement, boron is a smart choice for a daily additive in your diet regimen so load up on your avocadoes, almonds, raisins, prunes and pears to boost that boron and increase your testosterone level.

18. Super Taurine to the Rescue

Super amino-acid taurine is proven to boost testosterone by as much a whopping 200%! Lean red meat and fresh fish are the best bets here…and delicious!

19. Go Organic

Unfortunately, most supermarket food has been polluted with additives, pesticides and preservative chemicals that often increase estrogen levels. Minimally processed organic food is your safest bet to effectively give you the Testosterone boost we all need.

20. Go Easy on the Brew

Look, we all love a cold one after a hard day’s work (see #12) but most beers are loaded with hops (an estrogen booster) so, once again: Moderation is the key.

natural ways to boost testosterone21. Chew your Red Meat

Yes, this is an easy one. An absolute dynamo of testosterone production, lean red meat is a super producer. Just remember to go lean and don’t forget your veggie side.

22. Swing that Bat/Ax/Hammer

As part of your Animal Training, introduce the robustly masculine act of swinging a big hard piece of something. This will not only have an impact on whatever you’re hitting, it’s also going to feel DAMN GOOD! The mental boost as well as the physical exercise will both increase your Testosterone levels!

23. Flush that Tobacco

natural ways to boost testosteroneThis one is mandatory, we’re sorry to say. Tobacco products are loaded with so many testosterone and health busting chemicals that we have to give them a very hard pass.

24. Focus on Winning

Put away the feel-good, hand-holding for now and concentrate on winning as a way of life. This key psychological goal will actually have an impact on you physiologically and may lead to a steady testosterone upgrade as well.

25. Add Zinc

The big “Z” is a protein synthesizer that fortifies testosterone production so load up on the oysters, lobster, crab and (lean) beef, and the zinc will do all the rest.



Hormone Therapeutics aims to help people looking to improve and optimize their health through natural means or through the guidance of our physicians.

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99 Simple Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone – Part 1

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Diet is one of the most influential components to maintaining proper brain health as we age, and to help maintain memory and cognitive function, it is important to take brain health nutrients to fight aging. Protect your brain by consuming these healthy nutrients.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #1: Magnesium

Magnesium decline in the body is believed to play an important role in cognitive decline, memory loss and early onset dementia. Taking supplemental magnesium and eating magnesium rich foods will help magnesium related cognitive decline. Magnesium rich foods includes: chard, spinach, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, almonds, black beans, avocados, figs, dark chocolate and bananas.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #2: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish rich in Omega-3s are great for heart health but also help maintain cognitive skills. One study provided mice Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which showed cognitive improvement as they aged showing better object recognition memory, spatial and localized memory, and aversive response retention. Great fish options include: Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #3: Cocoa Flavanols

A 2014 study of the impact of high cocoa flavanol foods reported enhanced DG function (Dentate Gyrus) after three months of consumption. Dentate Gyrus is a part of the hippocampal formation in the brain often associated with cognitive aging and linked to memory. The flavanols are found naturally in cocoa and more present in rich dark chocolate than milk chocolate.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #4: Cruciferous Vegetables

Fruits, whole grains and vegetables have been identified by the National Institute on Aging as beneficial in delaying cognitive decline and other chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Dark green, leafy, cruciferous vegetables like spinach and broccoli were found to help the most. The Mediterranean diet was also shown to be a better diet for maintaining cognitive ability v. a western diet. Staples of the Mediterranean diet include: vegetables, beans, fish, olive oil, some alcohol and small amounts of dairy, meat, and saturated fats.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #5: Green Tea

Bottom line . . . drink more green tea because it has so many health benefits. A study at the University of Basel found green tea to enhance memory and thinking. Those in the study performed better on memory tasks and tests and an MRI identified improved connectivity from the brain’s frontal cortex and parietal. This study showed that consuming green tea improved the brain’s immediate synaptic plasticity.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #6: Nuts

Nuts are similar to fish in being rich in Omaga-3s. Walnuts have shown to be the most eff­ective in this area. Another research study showed a diet fortified with walnuts, Vitamin E, folate, antioxidants and melatonin helped adults improve performance across a number of cognitive tests.


brain health nutrients  Brain Health Nutrients #7: Blueberries

Blueberries have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and memory boosting properties. Blueberries contain anthocyanins which help increase neuron signal in memory. Participants in a study on blueberry juice saw improved word list memory, improved pairing and matching skills and also saw lowered rates of glucose and depression.

Key Brain Health Nutrients to Keep an Aging Brain Sharp

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testosterone boosting dietA Sample of Testosterone Boosting Diet

Diet plays a huge role in testosterone production. Our organs and glands need specific minerals like zinc and magnesium for the initiation of testosterone production. The Leydig cells require cholesterol to fuel the production of testosterone. Adding testosterone boosting foods like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage will also assist in one’s testosterone levels as well as Testosterone : Estrogen ratio by flushing estrogens from the body that lower our testosterone levels.

Increasing fat and cholesterol in-take also helps boost testosterone production. That’s the origin of the Rocky training on raw eggs myth. Loading up on bacon, eggs, nuts and steak certainly has its detractors as does increasing cholesterol consumption but this is all about testosterone boosting diet.

Here’s an example of one man’s journey to boost his testosterone through his own “testosterone boosting diet” that saw a dramatic increase by testosterone optimizing his diet, exercise and sleep (this is not what we are recommending but an example):

Testosterone Boosting Diet Sample Meal Plan


Bacon and Eggs . . and more bacon . . and more eggs

Weekdays: Three slices of bacon and three whole eggs. This provided the fats and cholesterol the body needs to make testosterone. Beware nitrates if you eat this much bacon and consider nitrate-free bacon.

Weekends: Mexican Breakfast burritos or pancakes.


The Man Salad

A properly prepared Man Salad packs as many Testosterone boosting foods as he could find:

testosterone boosting dietSpinach/Spring Salad Mix

The salad base using organic greens. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain minerals like magnesium and zinc, which have been shown to aid in testosterone production



Beef provides our bodies with the protein needed to create muscle and the fats and cholesterol to make testosterone. His philosophy was the fattier, the better.


testosterone boosting dietNuts

A handful of almonds, Brazil nuts or walnuts. Nuts are fat bombs providing cholesterol for the Leydig cells need for T production.



Avocados and olives provide the good fats needed for healthy testosterone production.



testosterone boosting dietBroccoli

Broccoli contains high levels of indoles. This compound reduces bad estrogen that hurt testosterone levels.



testosterone boosting dietOlive Oil

Olive oil helps Leydig cells (which produce testosterone) absorb cholesterol better which assists in testosterone production. More cholesterol absorption = more testosterone.



testosterone boosting dietBalsamic Vinegar

Mostly for taste and to help keep your insulin in check.



Testosterone Boosting Diet: Snacks


During the day he snacked on testosterone-healthy foods like nuts, pumpkin seeds, and broccoli and occasionally dark chocolate.

An added testosterone benefit to a high fat diet with balanced protein and carbs is can help shed some body fat (this man went from 18% to 12% body fat). Studies show that high fat diets actually contribute to increased body fat loss. And as we discussed earlier, as you lose body fat, your T production ramps up. Remember that this is not a long term solution but one man’s 90 day example.



Whatever (in moderation)

He ate what the family was having: chili, chicken and rice, enchiladas, etc. He was not overly worried about carbs but watched his portions.



This man doubled his Total Testosterone levels over 120 days but was doing so many healthy things in addition to the testosterone boosting diet. The diet was not unconventional with the exception of the fat and cholesterol intake. He didn’t follow a strict low-carb or Paleo diet. Research is showing that high protein, low carb diets can decrease testosterone levels.

Cholesterol Levels from this approach

His full lipid screening showed the following 90 days on the testosterone boosting diet:

Total Cholesterol: 202 mg/dL (Optimal range: < 200 mg/dL.)

HDL Cholesterol (“Good” Cholesterol): 77 mg/dL (Optimal range: > 60 mg/dL)

LDL Cholesterol (“Bad” Cholesterol): 112 mg/dL (Optimal range: 100-129 mg/dL.)

Triglycerides: 65 mg/dL (< 150 mg/dL is considered normal; < 100 mg/dL is optimal)

By the raw numbers, his overall lipid screening was good despite the high total cholesterol. His results were more interesting when examining the ratios doctors look at for heart disease risk.

Total cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 2.6:1 (Normal < 5:1; Optimal < 3.5:1)

LDL/HDL Ratio: .68:1 (Normal > .3:1; Optimal .4:1.)

Triglycerides/HDL Ratio:

.84:1 (Optimal < 2:1)

Despite gorging on bacon, eggs, whole milk, and steak for four months, he still had healthy cholesterol levels.

Hormone Therapeutics aims to help people looking to improve and optimize their health through natural means or through the guidance of our physicians.

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Enhance Your T Levels with this Testosterone Boosting Diet

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testosterone boosting habitsIt’s been well-established that testosterone has many benefits, and in order to enhance the production of T, here are concrete testosterone boosting habits you can take today. Reap those rewards from optimized testosterone level right now.  

As you’ve seen, there are all sorts of ways to boost your testosterone levels over time. Supplements and dietary changes and exercises and a multitude of other healthy things to do. It can be a little overwhelming, though, so here’s a hit-list, with science to back them up.

Start these eight things right now, and your body and mind will thank you, profusely.


testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #1: Eat!

There are loads of things you can eat to improve your health and testosterone levels, but one of the most efficient is dark chocolate. That’s good quality, low sugar, very dark chocolate, not something you picked up at the gas station. And not too much!

A Harvard University study showed that eating a regular-sized bar of dark chocolate about three times per month will do wonders for your blood. Chocolate is full of flavonoids which can reduce harmful clots and thin the blood, which is great for your blood pressure.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #2: Love!

In the physical sense. Have sex! Grab your significant other and have a great time! The University of California proved what we already knew. Orgasms reduce stress. Stress is bad for you.

The study actually showed that having sex regularly will extend your life by two years or more, and they’ll be pretty sweet years. Sexual desire and testosterone go hand-in-hand, and increasing one will increase the other. It works both ways, and of course it’s fun!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #3: Go Nuts!

Nuts are full of healthy fats, and snacking on them in moderation will boost your testosterone, heart health, and all sorts of other things. Monounsaturated fats such as those found in nuts make your heart safer by lowering your cholesterol.

A project undertaken at Loma Linda University in California concluded that we should eat nuts five days a week in order to extend our lives by about three years. Moderation is essential, of course, since nuts are extremely calorie-dense. Just a handful will do.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #4: Drink! (Some)

Studies performed by Dutch researchers have shown that wine in moderation is very, very healthy. The science tends to go back and forth on this, but red wine especially is rich in antioxidants, resveratrol and polyphenolic compounds. Antioxidants are just super for reducing the eff­ects of age, and the polyphenolic compounds prevent fatty tissues from blocking your arteries.

If you’re not quite sure which wine to drink, Cabernet Sauvignon is richest in antioxidants. Stick to red wine for the health benefits, and don’t have too much. The Dutch study says a half a glass of wine a day is enough. Drinking more than that is more for your mind than your body, and binging on a whole bottle is never a good idea.

testosterone-boosting-habits-6Testosterone Boosting Habits #5: Play!

Sports are good for you. Walking, running, and jumping are great exercise, and the competitiveness is an excellent testosterone booster. As the saying goes, the best exercise is one you’ll actually do, and making it fun by playing around with your friends (or defeating your bitter enemies) is something you’ll be glad to stick with.

A Swedish research study found that regular golfers live up to five years longer on average. The game is surprisingly competitive, and players walk several miles during an 18-hole round. It’s good for your heart, for your muscles, and for your mind.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #6: Eat Some More!

A diet filled with fish, olive oil and garlic can help your blood pressure, cholesterol, and lifespan. It’s what’s commonly referred to as the Mediterranean diet, and the science shows it works. It was another Dutch research program that proved it, and they’re not even Italian! They’ve got no horse in this race!

These foods are all rich in aminos, healthy fats, and cholesterol-busting components that will keep your ticker ticking. And they’re delicious! So throw that fish in a pan and pile on the garlic, it’s all good for you.

There are plenty of other foods that will help your testosterone levels and general health, of course. Refer to our other articles for the full list of testosterone-boosting and healthy foods.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #7: Lose!

Yes, lose weight, it’s another reason to drop those extra pounds.

What’s more, a study at Oxford University found that a BMI of over 30 at the age of 40 can reduce your life expectancy by as much as seven years. So hit the gym and cut the calories! It’s worth it.


testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #8: Win!

Testosterone production starts in the brain, in a very literal sense. High emotions and a competitive spirit can trigger a testosterone and adrenaline boost as your body works to support your success.

So indulge the urge! Play to win in everything you do. Sports are one way, as is striving for success in the workplace and in your hobbies. Even just watching sports and rooting for your favorite team can cause increased testosterone levels. The more excited you get about it, the better for your testosterone. So feel free to bust out the face paint and even that giant foam finger!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #9: Sleep!

Get your solid eight hours. You need it. Even minor sleep deprivation causes a cascade of health problems that include a tendency to binge eat and a lowered metabolism. Your sex drive will go down, too, and of course your general energy level and mental focus.

All of that leads to lowered testosterone production, and the numbers are shocking. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study showing that men who sleep less than 5 hours per night quickly sure a 15% drop in testosterone. The normal drop that occurs with age is 1% per year, so this is a big problem.

Bottom line: Prioritize sleep. Make the time!

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #10: Laugh!

It really is the best medicine! Your mental state a­ffects your entire body, and multiple studies have shown that stress is bad in more ways than we ever imagined.

So laugh! Have a good time! Studies performed in the US and elsewhere conclude that laughing for about 15 minutes per day can increase your lifespan by as much as eight years. It’ll make you a happier person, and it’s becoming more and more clear that a happier person is a healthier person.

So there are ten things you can start doing today to improve your health, your mood, and your testosterone levels. Those three things go hand-in-hand for men, and you’ll find that good healthy practices just make life better.

We strongly recommend going to the doctor for your annual physical, and be sure to have your testosterone levels checked. But there’s so much you can do at home to help make sure those lab results are full of good news.

testosterone boosting habitsTestosterone Boosting Habits #11: Contact Hormone Therapeutics!

Most of us have tried to eat better, work out and live naturally. How long have you tried this and why do you expect that you can realize your New Year’s resolutions this year that you haven’t the last 7 years? Contact expert specialist physicians for a Free Evaluation and learn how a physician guided program can change your life to the way you remember.


Hormone Therapeutics aims to help people looking to improve and optimize their health through natural means or through the guidance of our physicians.

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11 Testosterone Boosting Habits to Increase Testosterone and Live Longer

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